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Fiat 500, Mini and Volkswagen’s brand-new Beetle very first rate: a carefree brand-new mirror?

Fiat 500

Release time: 2007


Facing the Mini and the brand-new Beetle, the Italian city automobile is the most present. The fuel variation of the advertisements represented almost 80%. Unsurprisingly, the 1.2 69 hp block controls the deal, followed by 1.4 100 hp and 0.9 TwinAir 85 hp. In regards to diesel, the 500 is powered by the distinct 1.3 Multijet, which offers 75 horse power and 95 horse power.


500s from 3,000 EUR

We discovered 500 lorries with 1.2 fuel and 1.3 diesel at a rate of 3,000 euros. However, status, age and mileage go together. In addition to harmed vehicles or vehicles with mechanical failures, there are likewise designs with high mileage (over 180,000 kilometers). Conclusion: Buying is dangerous.

EUR 4,500: the very best fuel

When the balance is 1,500 Euros, the deal ends up being more encouraging. If the age stays the very same, the mileage is more sensible (-100,000 kilometers). We found the 1.2 Lounge that was offered by people for 4,500 Euros in April 2008. It is just 79,000 kilometers.

0.9 TwinAir 5,500 Euro

This two-cylinder 875 cc 85 hp appeared in September 2009. Despite its age, the resale worth of this 500 TwinAir is greater than 1.2. Don’t count less than 5,500 euros. I saw a lounge in November 2011 with a rate of 5,500 euros. She has actually driven 80,000 kilometers. This is not excessive for a 9-year-old automobile.

75 horse power diesel 6,000 Euro

1.3 Multijet’s entry look for a minimum of 10 years is lowered to a minimum of 6,000Euros Among the numerous deals, a couple of deserve taking a look at. Therefore, dealerships will use Lounge 1.3 Multijet 75 hp at a rate of 6,000 Euros from January 2009. It is just 63,500 kilometers.

For another 500 euros, we discovered the 1.3 Multijet 95 hpSport It began in June 2011 and revealed 72,000 kilometers on the odometer. An excellent deal.

The primary dependability problems of Fiat 500 (2007-.)*

Timing cover. obviously This 0.9 TwinAir, there are reports of oil leak in the timing cover (examined throughout the fixed test of the automobile).

Ignition coils. In all fuel engines, there are faults that trigger trouble in beginning or bumps throughout driving.

Particulate filter (FAP). On diesel vehicles, if the automobile takes a trip brief ranges every day, it tends to end up being really unclean. To make matters worse, the engine might be harmed. In short, if you just drive in the city, prevent purchasing 500 diesel, specifically attempting to comprehend which kind of path makes the automobile you wish to purchase.

Dual reasoning automated transmission. Appeared in January 2008, there were reports of some blockage. Then it needs to be changed. During the test, if moving or downshifting is unpleasant, be careful!

starter. Defects require to be changed. To test.


Fiat 500, Mini and Volkswagen's new Beetle first price: a worry-free new mirror?

Launched: 2001 fuel variation and 2003 diesel variation


Not as puffed up as the Little Italian, the small quote suffices to discover the design of your option. However, like 500, the variety of fuel variations is 3 times that of diesel variations. On the menu, One 1.6 90 hp, 1.4 95 hp and Cooper 115 hp and 120 hp. In diesel, there are some unusual 1.4 D 75 ch and 88 ch and 1.6 110 ch.


Less than 4,000 euros: take the danger of purchasing

Gasoline or diesel, the Mini, which costs less than 4,000 euros, is actually not worth a detour. Most vehicles have a long driving variety (over 170,000 kilometers), which is associated with upkeep or pricey short-term repair work. Not to point out the suspicious dependability of the Mini from 2001 to 2003.

Starting from 5,000 Euros: More assurance when purchasing fuel

The extension of 1,000 euros to 1,500 euros enables the Mini to show more sensible mileage. And crossed the turning point of years of delicate dependability. Likewise, at this rate, there are more youthful vehicles and upgraded variations. From September 2008, we discovered a One 1.4 95 hp on a personal individual, driving 108,000 kilometers on the odometer, and the rate was 5,500 euros. In July 2007, experts supplied Cooper 1.6 120 ch Chili Pack for 500 Euros or more. It has 82,000 kilometers of time.

175 horse power Cooper S from 8,000 euros

This is the quantity of financial investment you require to buy an effective Cooper S with sensible mileage. After statement and persistence, we discovered the Chile bundle in December 2008 with a rate of 8,300 euros. She just drove 82,000 kilometers.

6,500 euros: layout of the diesel motor

Our examination enables us to observe that when the budget plan is less than 6,000 euros, the deal is really little. To make matters worse, practically all vehicles have really high mileage, and the threats of repair work and short-term breakdowns are the very same as those of the fuel variation. But with the extension of 500 Euros to 1000 Euros, the mileage will be lowered. From December 2008, I saw a Cooper 1.6 D 110 horse power at a rate of 6,500 euros and drove 120,000 kilometers. This is first-hand details. Like what is possible.

Main dependability problems of Mini (2001-2006) *

instructions: Leakage or sound from the auxiliary pump. It is to be changed.

Gearbox: Mechanical or automated CVT, it might get stuck.

clutch: Premature wear. It is to be changed.

circulation: On the 1.6 163 hp fuel variation, the chain will end up being loud and the engine might be harmed. Noise, idle speed, or popping throughout velocity ought to signal you.

Volkswagen New Beetle

Fiat 500, Mini and Volkswagen's new Beetle first price: a worry-free new mirror?

Launch time: 1998


In addition to the Fiat 500 and Mini, the defector of the Mythical Beetle is the leader. The New Beetle is the very first “Renaissance” to be introduced inFrance Unfortunately, it will not be so effective. But classic individuals can feel confident that it periodically appears in fuel and diesel. In regards to engines, we discovered 1.9 TDI 90 HP, 100 HP and 105 HP fuel, 1.4 75 HP, 1.6 100 HP and 105 HP, 2.0 115 HP and Sporty 1.8 turbocharged 150 horse power.


Less than 3,500 euros: high danger

High mileage, mechanical failures, body to be evaluated, no technical assessments, parts sales … This is what we observed when searching the ads of the brand-new Beetle fuel and diesel, and the rate varieties from 1,000 euros to 3,000 euros.Wait It’s much better to go your method.

Gasoline discount rate begins at 4,500 euros

The 1,000 euro extension will enable you to target more encouraging brand-new Beetles, whether in regards to mileage, equipment or bodywork. The icing on the cake is that you will have the ability to select the engine. Therefore, we discovered 1.475 horse power on the odometer for February 2003 and 92,000 kilometers at a rate of 4,200 euros. Even much better, the 1.6 105 ch Carat in October 2003 was supplied by experts at a rate of 4,500 euros. It is just 80,000 kilometers. In completion, for just 5,000 euros, we discovered 2.0 115 horse power in September 1999 and took a trip 84,000 kilometers. This is first-hand details.

TDI minimum 6,000 Euro

Unfortunately, at this entry rate, it is tough to discover a brand-new Beetle less than 120,000 kilometers. However, the internal and external conditions of the automobile are usually excellent. We saw a 1.6 TDI 105 in May 2010 with a mileage of 139,000 kilometers on the odometer and a rate of 6,000 euros. Pay 600 euros more and we will get superior carat surfaces. This automobile was produced in January 2007 and has actually taken a trip 124,500 kilometers. Diesel is no longer popular, however for heavy chauffeurs who desire the initial scenario, why refrain from doing it.

The primary dependability problems of the brand-new Beetle*

1.4, 1.6, 1.8 T fuel engine : On the Beetle 2001 and 2002, the ignition coil might malfunction. It is tough to begin, and the abrupt taxiing ought to advise you.

1.8 heap engine: The water pump might be dripping.

TDI 90 engine: Power loss due to stopped up air circulation meter.

Balance sheet

It is possible to drive a customized automobile with the 50s and 60s logo design without clearing the checking account. But our examination reveals that “very first rate” designs are not actually worth a detour. For a smooth purchase, it is best to increase your budget plan. Make your purchase the only service genuine driving satisfaction …As for recommending you and not others, this time we touch, which will initially be based upon your affinity with the initial brand name or design.

* Find all dependability problems in our maxi-sheets, parts, purchasing guide.

Fiat 500’s optimal paper dependability

Mini’s optimum paper dependability

Volkswagen’s brand-new Beetle’s optimum dependability table


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