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MG-The History of British Brands-Photo Gallery

The charm of Britain and the capital of Asia.Present mgThe British company owned by Chinese Saic, after capitalizing on its image in the Eastern market, is now focusing on Octagon’s strong drive to sell its electrical appliances in Europe.Some of them have On the Italian price list, Such as EHS, tested it for you Quattroruote in April E on televisionAnd ZS EV, Driven by us in the Netherlands.

Evaluation. After all, many people still miss the brilliance of Morris Garages: the brand of Morris Garages was first known for its British spiders, which is what inspired Mazda to create the lucky star. MX-5, Stole the title of the best-selling sports car of all time from MG B. We talk about it in the image gallery, where we trace the history of the house through the most famous models.


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