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Night Road-the former sexist car

Everyone remembers about Audi Bar 1993: “He has money, he has power, and he will have women.” Of course, it is not limited to this sentence, more It’s hard to do better in terms of misogyny in cars. In any case, this small movie will have one advantage: to end decades of sexism in advertising. This is because until the 1990s, the gender of women was incompatible with cars. But they are already working, already thinking, have obtained a driving license, and like today, the number of these accidents is less than the accidents when these gentlemen are driving.

Woman driving…

However, this car is the ultimate environmental goal. For these gentlemen, the beautiful trajectory, for these ladies, the missed time. Michelle Mouton (Michèle Mouton) is the champion of the World Rally Championship. Does he have a better life than dozens of boys? There is no doubt that this is purely coincidental, because a woman was sitting on the steering wheel and died at the turn. Aware or not aware of this masculinity and low vision, advertisers and their advertisers sat down in this way of understanding the world until the end of the 20th century, until the Audi advertising screamed. Do their customers want mechanical testosterone? They gave them decades.

At least the message is clear: Toyota SUVs are cars designed specifically for boys.

Ban girls

To drive 4×4, you must be a backpacker, a real backpacker, and a hairy backpacker. Fortuner is a closed version designed for Toyota Hilux. Because it was written in an advertisement, it was undoubtedly entrusted to a girl: it was designed for men. Jutta Kleinschmitt (Jutta Kleinschmitt) is a lady who won the Dakar Prize in front of the Dakar Bearded Man in 2001? Once again it was a coincidence.

The second most beautiful look in Italy
The second most beautiful look in Italy

Anatomy and style comparison

This is a great classic. Since the automobile age, the car (female) has been compared with the female curve. The graceful bodywork of one and the other produced some peaks of suspicious taste. Fiat rushed into holes and got lost in the convertibles and bikinis of the 1960s.

Of course girls like pink.
Of course girls like pink.

The car that matches the makeup

In order to attract girls and turn them into customers, you must talk to them about them. For the Ford marketing gentlemen in the 60s, what do these ladies dream of? Of course you have to wear lipstick and cosmetics. These are Barbie dolls and they leave it to Ken to take care of world affairs. Therefore, we will concoct very pink mustangs for them to match their costumes. logic. Honda also tried it in 2012, launching a series of limited edition Fits (called home jazz) called She’s. On the menu: candy pink paint, sewn from the same barrel, and equipped with a UV-resistant windshield to protect the skin of these ladies. The pinnacle of girlish cheeky and cheesy, and a reasonable full deck.

Mysoginie is over

But all this has become a thing of the past. Today, manufacturers have realized that women prefer SUVs. They are usually the prescribers, please refer to the first drivers of the family’s main car. Even if it is sometimes for the wrong reasons (because they are the ones who take their children to school or participate in activities), car parity has prevailed. Except for motorsports, last season, girls were rarer than the audience. Except in the ACF (Auto Club of France), women are still not allowed to enter. The two ancient institutions that will adapt sooner or later. In addition to no longer playing the role of another witness.


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