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Renault truck: hydrogen travels through Hyvia

On the one hand, Renault and its bet on hydrogen for business lorries. On the other hand, the American business Plug Power, the world leader in fuel cell systems. In the middle, the just-born joint endeavor called Hyvia utilizes “Hy” as hydrogen and “through” as the path. Things will establish quickly, due to the fact that the very first energy lorry utilizing hydrogen will be on the marketplace at the end of this year. The delighted predecessor is the Renault Master, and there are 3 variations on the menu, specifically a van and a large-capacity chassis taxi for carrying items, and a city bus variation for carrying individuals. Hyvia revealed that this marketing will accompany the arrangement of charging stations and green hydrogen supply. And the picked innovation will offer as much as 500 kilometers of travelling variety and 3 minutes of quick charging time.

All in France

All Hyvia activities will be found inFrance Headquarters and R&D center will be found in Villiers-Saint-Frédéric; procedure, production and logistics groups will be found in Flys to start putting together fuel cells, the very first batch of Masters will be produced at the Batilly factory, and the combination of fuel cells will be finished in Gretz-Armanvilliers.

For Luca di Meo, owner of the Renault Group, “This joint endeavor distinctively incorporates the whole hydrogen power community, from lorries to facilities, to client turnkey services. The advancement of this advanced innovation enables us to enhance Our commercial tools and brand-new worth production activities in France in this appealing field.” Even if the brand-new business plans to accomplish more than 30% of the European hydrogen light business lorry market share in 2030, it is really appealing.


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