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UGAP: Public Procurement Center Plays the Role of Green Card

Faced with the greening obligations, especially under the Direction of Movement Act (LOM) of December 2019, but under the pressure of Prime Minister Jean Castex, in November last year, he reminded the administrative staff to Ecological transformation should be a model, especially in the purchase of clean vehicles. The greening of the national fleet and more generally the greening of public fleets will surely accelerate as never before.

This phenomenon is illustrated by the intermediary role delegated to UGAP. The United Emirates Trade Union Organization is a business organization established in 1968. Under the dual supervision of the Ministry of Operations and Public Accounts and the Ministry of National Education, it has more than 20,000 customers, including the central government and the central government. Decentralized government services, public places, social organizations, hospital groups and local communities.

On the issue of personnel mobility, UGAP is at the forefront of supporting government methods. Its mission is to support its customers in implementing public policies in the field of energy transition.

Environmental performance, the main selection criteria for UGAP

By 2020, car orders will reach 1.2 billion euros, accounting for 26% of UGAP’s (also selling furniture, medical equipment, etc.) total orders. In the automotive sector, which accounts for a quarter of the total automotive turnover, nearly 30% of the models sold are passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

The purchase price, the quality of services provided and the environmental performance are the main selection criteria for UGAP to select specific vehicles. Facts have proved that energy performance is becoming more and more decisive. So much so that in addition to the tender for the thermal variant, UGAP also issued a tender for low-emission vehicles. the goal? : “Ensure that we have a large number of models in our catalog and meet the customer’s regulatory obligations,” Olivier Rougetet explained.

The head of the UGAP vehicle marketing department added: “Today, it is mainly environmental-related public policies (the energy transition law in 2015, the LOM law in 2019, and then the climate law) to guide our customers in choosing vehicles.”

10 new low-emission cars joined the ranks

Olivier Rougetet, head of UGAP’s automotive marketing department.

Since February, UGAP has followed one of these bidding procedures to broadly expand the scope of electric vehicles. 10 models appeared in the catalog. Among them, there are several city cars, especially Peugeot e-208 and Opel Corsa-e. The two badge products of the Stalantis Group include the Renault Zoé, which has long been one of the only zero-emission city vehicles that can be slid into a service car or company car.

In the past two weeks, two more fully electric city cars have made their debut. These are the Seat Mii Electric mini city car and Renault Twingo ZE. As for the spring that Dacia just revealed, it should be provided to the public fleet at the end of the summer.

This kind of greening is certainly not unprecedented for UGAP, but it has obviously been accelerating since the beginning of this year, and it has also targeted the high-end automotive sector. The purchasing center has just expanded its display in several other types of cars.

She explained that it has added the latest 100% electric and plug-in hybrid models imagined by the manufacturer to the panel to meet various road use needs. Specifically, for example, we noticed the operation of the compact Citroen C4 and Renault Megan Estate E-tech plug-in. We also noticed the integration of Peugeot e-2008 SUV or Volkswagen Passat GTE sedan.

The Dacia Spring in late summer is expected to reflect the continuous greening of urban residents as cited by UGAP.
The Dacia Spring in late summer is expected to reflect the continuous greening of urban residents as cited by UGAP.

Electric models, the future leader of the UGAP catalog?

In UGAP’s offer, cars with gasoline and diesel engines and light commercial vehicles still account for the majority. The latter can now request a series of low-emission vehicles (VFE) with a higher density than in the past.

Sales are affected. In fact, the plant has recorded 4,000 VFE orders in 2020, accounting for 20% of the total. In addition, according to Olivier Rougetet, since the beginning of 2021 and the arrival of the recruits, the share of 100% electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid models is still increasing, with a concentration of 25% of light vehicles. Order. Monitor all developments related to hydrogen vehicles.

Therefore, the diffusion of green energy in public sector parks seems to be at the bottom. In the next five to ten years, it may take precedence over thermal powertrains, on the one hand, under the influence of public policy-related guidelines, on the other hand, under the influence of large-scale electrification plans initiated by most builders under.


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