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Volvo C30 T5 (2006-2013): a little Swedish woman who can sing, beginning with 8,000 euros

What are antiques?

These are especially fascinating cars and trucks, so they deserve securing. Not always old, however the variety of them is particular, either due to the fact that the maker has actually currently chosen, or due to the fact that their production has actually stopped. Then they make the most of the functions that make them especially popular: engine, chassis, style or idea. Finally, they might see their scores increase. Collect their additional arguments prior to others!

Why is the Volvo C30 T5 antique?

In addition to the reality that Volvo has actually quit compact items, the C30 is still a vehicle with an initial meaning, far from the existing standardization. Most significantly, T5 is geared up with an outstanding 5-cylinder turbocharger, which is effective and musical, offering it a really unique character. In addition, this sort of engine that has actually been hardly ever seen in compact cars and trucks has actually vanished from the Volvo series, and it has actually been energized at high speed V. There is much more factor to keep C30 T5.

Volvo’s coupe is not constantly so fortunate. If the P1800 succeeds after the typical start of its profession due to its toughness, then this is not the case for the lovely however undependable 480 ES, for instance. Then, in 1999, the Swedish group offered its vehicle branch to Ford, enabling it to take advantage of technological synergies. The very first design to take advantage of this was the 2004 S40 (and its V50 station wagon derivative), which utilized the P1 platform introduced by Ford C-Max in 2003.

The SCC idea was introduced in 2001 and the C30 assembly line has actually been revealed. Pay attention to its perforated windscreen pillars, it needs to enhance exposure.

At the time, a vehicle broke your house commercially and at the exact same time showed extremely lucrative: the Audi A3. All makers imagine having a comparable design in their variety, specifically rivals of brand names with rings, such asVolvo Soon a service was discovered: we will embrace the S40, reduce it and equip it with an appealing body. This currently exists, or nearly currently exists: it is the idea of the 2001 SCC idea, and we use it to the series.

Named C30, the last design was launched at the end of 2006, and there is no absence of character. Want to be closer to a coupe instead of a compact, it definitely has a muzzle that is plainly similar to the S40 (with a more popular grille), however it is likewise motivated by the stern of the P1800 ES safari wagon, with its basic opening flap. Inside, we discover the control panel of the S40, however at the back, as far as the bench is worried, we can utilize 2 different seats, which is a distinct plan in this classification. The just issue is that the luggage is extremely little (278 liters) and is not quickly available due to the high limit.

The open rear window of the P1800 ES safari wagon in 1971 inspired the C30.
The open back window of the P1800 ES safari wagon in 1971 motivated the C30.

There are lots of kinds of engines under the hood, specifically consisting of 2 5-cylinder gas, among which is supercharged. The latter is a 2.5-liter 220-horsepower and 230-horsepower engine, set up in the T5 variation a couple of months after the marketplace. This is precisely the block utilized in the Ford Focus ST, other than in Volvo, which offers more than 5 horse power. The concern of brand name level, do you understand … Moreover, the Swedish maker is a designer. Therefore, it is the follower of P1800 ES and 480 ES, appealing compact. Is this adequate to guarantee his success?

The C30 was a compact model when it was released at the 2006 Paris Motor Show.
The C30 was a compact design when it was launched at the 2006 Paris Motor Show.

The C30 T5 can be found in 2 surfaces: Momentum, priced at 31,950 euros (according to INSEE, today is 37,100 euros), which currently consists of dual-zone a/c, on-board computer systems, cruise control and even rain detectors. For an additional 2,600 euros, Summum included leather seats, xenon headlights, and even reversing radar. As a choice, we can manage GPS, sunroofs, power seats and evenBluetooth Overall, the rate of the T5 has to do with 2,000 euros greater than the 200-horsepower Audi A3 2.0 Turbo, which is less effective and mechanically honorable. So the Swedes (both in Belgium, in Ghent) began her profession ideally.

At the rear, only the flap is open, just like on the P1800 ES. A nice but not very practical detail that will definitely cost C30 sales.
At the back, just the flap is open, similar to on the P1800 ES. A good however not extremely useful information that will absolutely cost C30 sales.

In the T5, its efficiency and roadway habits are valued by the beauty of its extremely tough chassis and extensive running equipment (consisting of the multi-link axle at the back). An extra 2,000 euro automated transmission has actually increased its appeal, however although the sales volume is not extremely bad, it did not reach the anticipated level. Even in 2008, the R-Design surface with a more stylish look was at the core of the variety.

In 2009, the C30 gained from a small redesign, consisting of bigger headlights. Even much better, the rate of T5 has actually come by about 3,000Euros This is insufficient to reboot the C30’s profession, specifically because the 230 hp suffered an environmental loss of 1,500 euros. This irregular compact automobile came out in 2013. An overall of 209,674 systems were produced and all variations were integrated.

On the C30, there are no rear seats, but two independent, quite comfortable seats. This is R-Design in 2008.
On the C30, there are no rear seats, however 2 independent, rather comfy seats. This is R-Design in 2008.

just how much does it cost?

8,000 euros, there is a copy in great condition, however flirting with 200,000 kilometers. At 10,000 euros, we wish to discover a vehicle with a mileage of less than 150,000 kilometers, and at 13,000 euros, the mileage drops to 80,000 euros. Prices differ based upon lorry condition and mileage, not upon conclusion.

In September 2009, the C30 redesigned its muzzle to make it more dynamic but less unique.
In September 2009, the C30 revamped its muzzle to make it more vibrant however less distinct.

Which variation to pick?

In view of the nearly no rate distinction, you may too pick a much better geared up Summum.

At the stern of the redesigned C30, we paid special attention to the redesigned bumper, the new Volvo logo and the raised reflector.
At the stern of the revamped C30, we paid unique attention to the revamped bumper, the brand-new Volvo logo design and the raised reflector.

Les variation collector?

All, supplied that they remain in best condition and have extremely low mileage. Redesigned, more unusual, and more searched for.

The 5-cylinder engine of the Volvo C30 (here is an example from 2011) is of good origin and does not cause any reliability problems.
The 5-cylinder engine of the Volvo C30 (here is an example from 2011) is of great origin and does not trigger any dependability issues.

What to focus on?

The C30 T5 is based upon the recognized S40 and is geared up with a tested cylinder block. It is undoubtedly resilient and naturally needs rigorous and pricey upkeep, specifically when it is performed byVolvo At high mileage, electronic failures are not unusual, however the scenario is even worse for other widely known brand names! Be cautious not to forget to change the timing belt.

In terms of dynamics, the beautiful 2007 C30 strikes an interesting balance between sportiness and comfort.
In regards to characteristics, the lovely C30 introduced in 2007 strikes a fascinating balance in between sportiness and convenience.


She has a quite face on this C30. In the guest cabin, being sober is the order of business, and the only dream is that this drifting center console, made from aluminum, conceals the storage area. Volvo stated that the ergonomic style has actually been well considered (specifically the a/c control gadget), and the habitability of the rear shown to be ideal. On the other hand, the trunk is rikiki! In the front, we benefited from comfy seats, however did not have lateral assistance. But the driving position is impressive. When beginning, the soft and hoarse voice of the 5-cylinder makes you smile.

The dashboard of this C30 in 2007 is well done and very clear. The center console is very thin and hides a storage space.
The control panel of the 2007 C30 is well done and extremely clear. The center console is extremely thin and conceals a storage area.

Just like the habits later on: this system offers fantastic versatility, and after that handles constant velocity with a fragile and extremely pleasing tune. It might be a bit too sullen … In addition, the sound insulation of this C30 is excellent. The controllability is great, and the transmission can let you utilize the engine well, therefore accelerating the rate. Obviously, with its reasonably versatile suspension, this C30 is not as stylish as the Renault Megane RS.

On the contrary, it is a compact GT with sluggish however healthy, effective and well balanced handling on the roadway: understeer is never ever an issue. In tourist usage, this Swedish siren tune is an excellent enjoyable! Finally, Volvo’s genuine breakdown, other than for its trunk, its intake is a bit high, balancing 12 liters/100 kilometers.

L’alternative Youngtimer

Volvo 480 Turbo (1988-1995)

Hell appearance of 480 in 1991. Unfortunately, even with pressurization, the mechanic is still very calm.
Hell look of 480 in 1991. Unfortunately, even with the pressurization, the mechanic is still extremely calm.

The 480 came out at the end of 1985 and was Volvo’s initially tractor. Inspired by the meaning of the P1800 ES coupe, this is a little safari wagon, however this time, its look is futuristic. With a tapered front end with a retractable projector, the grille under the bumper is deteriorated …The 480 contrasts dramatically with other Volvos and is extremely conservative! Under the hood, it brought back the Renault 1.7-liter engine, which was geared up with a turbocharger at the end of 1987. As an outcome, the power has actually accomplished … a remarkable leap of 11 horse power! It is developed on-moderately-worth 120 horse power.

In reality, turbo charging is generally favorable to the versatility of the engine. The 480 Turbo is focused on American consumers who choose convenience over efficiency, in a market where the speed limitation is 55 miles per hour (88 km/h). Strangely enough, Volvo has actually barely altered: 122 horse power in 1993, traction control in 1994 … not stylish however well provided, quickly and initial enough, the 480 Turbo is extremely budget friendly: from 3,500 euros.

Volvo C30 T5 (2007 ), technical information

In 2009, during the redesign process, new meters were installed on the C30 panel, using aluminum straps.
In 2009, throughout the redesign procedure, a brand-new meter was set up on the C30 panel with aluminum straps.

  • Engine: 5 cylinders in line, 2,521 cc
  • Power supply: electronic injection, turbocharged
  • Suspension: MacPherson struts, coil springs, anti-roll bars (AV); multi-link shafts, coil springs, anti-roll bars (AR)
  • Transmission: 6 handbook or 5 automated transmission, traction
  • Power: 230 horse power at 5,000 rpm
  • Torque: 320 Nm at 1,500 rpm
  • Weight: 1350 kg
  • Maximum speed: 240 km/h (maker information)
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 6.7 seconds (maker information)

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